Vision, Mission and Core Values




  • To further the national, regional and international success of all our companies.
  • To make a significant contribution to the strengthening of Myanmar’s economy and the welfare and development of our nation.
  • To operate with a dedication to transparency and integrity.

Mission Statement


KBZ Group is committed to:

  • Maintaining and extending its position as the leading conglomerate in Myanmar through excellent leadership
  • Recruiting and retaining excellent staff without discrimination and with a commitment to equal opportunities
  • Attaining its goals through collaboration with all stakeholders
  • Expanding the KBZ footprint regionally and internationally through sustainable growth and success as a responsible corporate citizen according to our Code of Conduct and other Policies
  • Continuing our Corporate Social Responsibility and philanthropic programmes for the mutual benefit of our Group and the people of Myanmar

Our Group Profile, Vision and Mission statements are reviewed every 12 months at our Annual General Meeting and are reviewed on a more regular basis if necessary.


Core Values


KBZ Group of companies expects all its staff to embrace our core values:

  • Teamwork and Cooperation
  • Honesty
  • Enthusiasm
  • Mutual Trust and Respect
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Dedication
  1. We subscribe to good governance and high ethical values
  2. We strive towards operational excellence and high performance
  3. We provide an environment for our staff to realise their full potential
  4. We respect our culture and heritage while actively welcoming new ideas and concepts.

This is implemented through staff capacity building, community aid programmes, a dedication to transparency and integrity and a desire to see the best of Myanmar’s traditions flourish in a free market economy.


The implementation of our Vision, Mission, Policies and KPIs is continually reinforced across our companies under the direction of the KBZ Group. It is a cascading process where individuals or teams in each company are assigned with the task of ensuring all their staff understand, accept and sign up to KBZ’s standards and expectations, while at the same time understanding their rights and obligations. It necessarily needs to be a multi-channel communication process incorporating efficient communication and reporting between the companies and the Group. Internal training courses alongside training with the support of external consultants are carried out on a regular basis.


The outcomes of our companies’ activities and performances are reported annually. Information is included in our Annual Report and Sustainability Report. Check more on report tab.

We regularly produce Press Releases to update our stakeholders through media channels regarding recent activities. Check more on news tab.

We respond promptly to media enquiries and to those of other organisations (contact details are available on the website). Check more on contact tab.


Our Group and all entities under its full or partial ownership are obligated to meet their terms of contract with local, national and international jurisdictions within which they operate. Our companies’ management teams are responsible for ensuring compliance with all laws and regulations. They report to KBZ Group staff who monitor and advise/direct as necessary.

Our Group and all our subsidiary companies pay all relevant Government fees and taxes. KBZ is has been the highest corporate tax payer in Myanmar for more than half a decade.


Our Board of Directors introduced our Code of Conduct in 2014 reflecting these values. The code applies to every member of staff in all of our companies from the most junior up to the Chairman. Our Board of Directors has already signed up, as have all KBZ Bank staff. We are rapidly and successfully implementing the code and our other policies across all of our other subsidiary companies.



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