Sustainability Strategy


We introduced our Sustainability Strategy in 2018. It outlines our approach to building a sustainable future by taking action in the areas where we can make the most meaningful economic, social and environmental impact. Our strategy is centred on how we believe we can best support our diverse range of customers, our communities and our people as we navigate the most pressing current and emerging issues. The strategy builds on our long term commitment as a Group to sustainable business practices and is underpinned by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that provide a platform for business, government and the broader community to partner and take action.

We believe we can create sustainable, long-term value for all our stakeholders by:

  • Contributing towards people and society within our sphere of influence
  • Protecting the Environment to safeguard future generations
  • Supporting National and Regional economies through the success of our businesses
  • Meeting or exceeding the highest international standards of business practice throughout the Group

We believe we have a strong symbiotic relationship with all our stakeholders and communities in which we have a footprint. 

In our awarded philanthropic work, we support vulnerable communities in challenging environments. We deem this as a moral obligation to which we we are very much committed. We believe in contributing back to the society within which we are fortunate to be in a position to do so.

In tandem with philanthropy, we believe our Corporate Social Value (CSV) approach plays a vital role in our sustainability and future success. He distinction between philanthropy and CSV is sometimes a little blurred and challenging to define. However, our perception is that:

  • philanthropy is something that we consider is purely focussed on the wellbeing and benefit of people and communities in desperate need of support.
  • CSV we consider is a somewhat distinct way in which we contribute to society through which we endeavour to target ways by which both KBZ Group and all our stakeholders are beneficiaries.


  •  Helping the ministry in its effort of quick treating and controlling Seasonal Influenza A (H1N1)
  • Support flood victims in different regions.
  • Blood Donation by more than 1000 staff at the National Blood Centre Yangon and hospitals in Mandalay, Taunggyi, Naypyitaw and Sittwe.
  • Water Supply Project Up to 2018, nearly 200 wells could be drilled benefitting 280,513 people from 54,142 households, 185 monasteries, 92 schools, 36 hospitals, and 25 fire services departments. All the ethnic races, such as Bamar, Kayin, Kayah, Dhanu, Taungyoe, Shan, Pa-O, Lahu, Lisu, Paduang and Akha are now receiving freshwater.
  • Free operations jointly cooperated with Smile Asia to children with cleft palates. A total of 449 persons with cleft lips successfully received surgeries.
  • Providing winter coats to IDPs of arm-conflict, hard to reach villages and natural disaster victims.
  • Major contribution in buying K.340 million worth bio foams to extinguish fire in 300 sq-acres landfill in Hteinbin, Yangon.
  • Literacy Grant to Third Story Project to publish story books on child rights written by teens and to give story writing trainings for teens on child rights in many parts of the country.
  • Plant trees for a greener environment.
  • providing microfinance loans and financial literacy programs to 53,484 community members in 14 Townships in the regions of Yangon, Pegu, Mandalay, Mon and Shan states.
  • Providing financial assistance to women farmers.


  • KBZ Early Childhood Day Care Centre to look after the children of our employees.
  • Providing our employees with access to learning opportunities to help build the skills needed for the workforce of the future.
  • Increasing and maintaining the number of women in leadership positions across our Group.
  • Fund raising Music Run program held by KBZ in 2014 was given to support writing computer software for the blind and text to speech software.
  • Inclusion and diversity policies and implementation thereof.
  • Maternity/Paternity Leave Policy, maternity leave of 14 weeks and paternity leave of 15 days are awarded to all staff. Breast feeding rooms with facilities are implemented.
  • Established the Corporate Affairs Department and formed Corporate Governance Function under Legal and Compliance Department. This manages our risk analysis, appetite and management across the Group. Moe detail is outlined in the Corporate Governance section of the website.

Our world/Myanmar is changing at an unprecedented rate, affecting how we all live and work. We want to help more people gain the skills that will be needed in the future and accelerate how we identify and solve the biggest issues impacting all our stakeholders.

Doing the right thing - We are committed to building a culture of care, inclusiveness and high integrity – where it’s expected that all our people demonstrate the values of our company and speak up if something isn’t right. We believe in doing the right thing by our customers, communities and people – grounded in transparency and responsiveness to the concerns of all our stakeholders and the wider community.

We are committed to continuing to lead on the fundamentals: the sustainability policies, action plans and frameworks. We are also continuing to report on additional metrics that are expected of our Group in respect to sustainable business practices.

Our commitments are to:

  • Ensure new employees read, understand and sign our Code of Conduct and other policies across the Group.
  • Announce new KBZ sustainable strategy to the management and employees and ensure they are familiar with the Code of Conduct and other policies including Whistleblowing and Grievance channels for reporting.
  • Strengthen our reporting procedures across the Group.
  • Further strengthen and broaden our training programmes at all tiers throughout all of our businesses.
  • Continue to engage actively with all our stakeholders to work for the benefit of all to th best of our capacity.



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