In Partnership with the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement and Yangon Regional Government, KBZ Group to take a lead to host “Women’s Week Myanmar”

KBZ Group will host and coordinate a series of events in Yangon and Nay Pyi Taw entitled “Women’s Week Myanmar” from the 6-12th March 2017, in partnership with the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement and Yangon Regional Government.
The week honoring the International Women’s Day which is celebrated on 8th March, will be part of a global celebration of empowering the world’s, and Myanmar’s present and future generations of women.
Women’s Week will offer different forms of activities over the week including edutainment, panel discussions, empowering sports activities and literacy workshops. Various embassies and organizations from the private and NGO sectors will collaborate. Participating organizations include Myanmar National Committee for Women Affairs (MNCWA), Gender Equality Network (GEN), UN Global Compact Myanmar, UN Women, Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry(UMFCCI), ActionAid, Global Shapers, Australian-Myanmar Chamber of Commerce, British Chamber of Commerce, Professional Women's Network, KBZ Group, Myanmar Football Federation, City Mart Holdings Akhaya Women, Forever Group, Irrawaddy Publishing Group and social enterprises such as Yangon Bakehouse.
“If we start working together right now, Myanmar has the opportunity to take the lead in promoting gender equality. We have a developing country and need to fully utilize our nation’s workforce, which means we need to empower our women. There are barriers that women face such as violence and harassment at home, in the public and at work. While the government has its own role, and NGOs being prominent advocates, we, private sector also must take action to remove barriers in workplace such as unconscious bias, discrimination, gender segregation and harassment,” said Daw Nang Lang Kham, Director of KBZ Bank.
“Through cultivating our women’s skills, and supporting their total professional development through events like these, we can harness their power and enable them to achieve so much more in Myanmar’s business landscape and overall economic success.”
While women’s empowerment should not be limited to only a week of activities, these events will help both men and women to comprehensively understand the value of women in Myanmar society and to allow them rare access to government, NGO and private company thought-leaders.
More details and news about the on-going events during Women’s Week Myanmar will be announced on Facebook:
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