The Issues that Matter

To ensure we are identifying and understand the issues that are really of the most significant importance to KBZ Group of Companies and all our diverse stakeholders, we conduct regular stakeholder consultations and assessments to gauge key material areas which we need to prioritise. These assessments feed directly as a precursor into our sustainability strategy, the setting of our KPIs, our Code of Conduct and other various policies. This helps us to ensure we are garnering the respect of both current and potential future stakeholders as well as meeting our corporate values and responsibilities.

The KBZ Group Materiality Matrix maps the 13 most significant important topics that we identified through our consultations and assessments. They fall into four categories:

  • Workforce
  • Environment
  • Societal Impact
  • Governance & Conduct

Our workforce is our lifeblood. Ensuring we care for our staff means we can recruit and retain the best quality people and help them to develop their skills through training and effective management. As a Group we employ more than 80,000 staff. This is testimony to our Group as an employer of choice.

The effects of environmental challenges is a global challenge and we have seen some of the devastating effect here in Myanmar. Disasters tend to affect the poorest in our society most severely. We believe it is our responsibility to minimise our impact on pollution and climate change, while providing help for those in need across our country.

KBZ Group and its subsidiary companies strive to meet the highest standards of business conduct and governance and has structures in place to maintain our reputation as an exemplary corporate citizen. We believe this is a fundamental obligation all business in a transformational period in our country. It is also essential for an organisation’s international reputation.

We will continue to monitor the above priorities and issues on a regular basis and we welcome input and ideas from all stakeholders. Issues of Materiality are formally reviewed and approved on an annual basis by the Group Board of Directors.



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