Financial and non-Financial KPIs



  1. 90% Staff Retention

          Target 90%

          Progress 80%

  1. 50% Staff Training p.a.

          Target 50%

          Progress 40%

  1. 10% Net Profit Growth by 2019

         Target 10%

         Progress 10%

  1. Expand Business Presence by 20% by 2020

         Target 20%

         Progress 20%

  1. Expand CSV & Philanthropy by 15% by 2019

        Target 15%

        Progress 20%

  1. Universal Disability Access by 2021

        Target 100%

        Progress 40%

  1. UNGC COPs Advanced status by 2020

        Target 100%

        Progress 60%

  1. Employee Annual Surveys in 2019

        Target 50%

        Progress 8%

  1. Inclusive Leadership Programme for Group Directors & Senior Executives by 2020

        Target 100%

        Progress 30%


Our Performance Dashboard is a reflection of the progress we have made against our Financial and Non-Financial KPIs.  As a mid-year analysis, this is a predicative assessment of our end of year progress against our targets as set out this year. We will re-evaluate these measurements at the end of this financial year and reassess our KPIs both Group-wide and formally agree specific KPIs for each of our subsidiary companies.

The Board of Directors consider this to be an essential element in shaping our future direction. Setting out our targets and goals and assessing our progress towards meeting those are fundamental in our Group’s future success.

Staff Retention

Indicators currently suggest our annual staff retention levels across the Group are in the region of 80%, approaching our target of 90%. These figures relate to optional personal decisions on behalf of active workers and do not include retirements or cases of force majeure.

While we appreciate staff may choose to change their career path for personal or aspirational reasons, we are committed to supporting our staff in a thriving dynamic environment and providing all employees with full support in regards to their development and wellbeing.

Staff Training

The professionalism of our teams are key to our companies’ success. Beyond this we believe regular training opportunities boost job satisfaction and the personal progression for our talented workforce. Our target of giving at least 50% of our staff the opportunity to participate in job related training at least once a year is multifaceted.

Training encompasses all levels throughout our Group across all our companies. This includes our most senior management and all other staff. Our current assessment is that we are on track to exceed our goal.

Net Profit Growth

Sustainable Growth is key to the success of our Group’s broadening footprint. In order to meet both our Financial and Non-Financial KPIs and to support our staff, communities and other stakeholders, we need to ensure our Group is successful as a business entity. By doing so, we can ensure a positive impact on society both in Myanmar and further afield.

We believe we are on track to meet our 10% net profit growth by the end of the financial year 2019.

Expand Business Presence

Our goal is to expand our influence and presence in Myanmar and internationally by 20% by the end of the 2020 financial year. We believe we are exceeding expectations in terms of meeting this KPI.

Having recently opened our 500th KBZ Branch, expanded our range of financial services and offering of microfinance and various online banking and international transfer services, we are providing an extensive network of opportunity to our country’s population.

At iKBZ we offer reassurance to clients to feel safe in the knowledge that they are covered in times of need. Our airlines continue to support connectivity across the country and beyond. Our multitude of other companies also play their part in supporting communities through equal opportunity employment and offer competitive remuneration and safe and healthy working environments.

Our good reputation is crucial in our goal to continue our growth in a sustainable way. We believe that by supporting all of our stakeholders within the best of our capacity, we will achieve this and continue to be considered an admirable corporate citizen, welcomed into to communities and by potential partners.

Expand CSV & Philanthropy

We believe that Corporate Social Value (CSV) and Philanthropy projects are two key tenets to our success as a Group. Our CSV projects are those we deem to fundamentally benefit both our business operations as well as the society in which we operate. Our philanthropic programme is more altruistic in nature and is our corporate choice to give back to society where we feel we are in a position to do so. While this work helps to supports KBZ’s reputation as a caring corporate citizen, its underlying motivation is not for self-benefit.

We set ourselves a target of increasing our budget for such projects by 15% by the end of the 2019 Financial year and we are already ahead of schedule.

Universal Disability Access

KBZ Group is a strong supporter of inclusivity in the workplace. We see diversity as a great asset to our Group.

One of our KPIs is to provide universal access to our workplaces to staff and customers wherever practicably possible by the end of the financial year 2021. Our work towards this goal has already been set in place and we are making steady progress. This has included support for those with visual or auditory impairments, those with physical impairments, those with language challenges and others with restrictive challenges that might otherwise preclude them from employment opportunities.

UNGC COPs Advanced status

We are committed to the UN Global Compact’s Communication on Progress (COP) initiative. We have been accredited with an Active status for the Group since 2016 and have set our target to achieve the highest tier of Advanced status by the end of Financial Year 2020. We will continue to work on this as a Group over the interim period.

Employee Annual Surveys

We have implemented Grievance and Whistleblowing polices across the Group for a number of years now. While we see this as an opportunity for staff to express themselves directly to senior managers or our Board of Directors, KBZ has decided to expand these communication channels. Over the rest of the 2019 Financial Year we are starting to implement a Group staff survey to ensure we fully engage and understand our staff sentiments  and consider the ways in which we can further improve and grow stronger.

Inclusive Leadership Programme for Group Directors & Senior Executives

In order to implement our Code of Conduct  and various policies we ensure our Group Directors and Senior Executives are supported under an ongoing Leadership Programme to ensure they implement our core values.

We target inclusivity as one of those core values and are extending our training in this across the Group. We aim to have 100% of our Directors and Senior Executives trained by the end of Financial Year 2020 in order to cascade the principles throughout the organisation. Inclusivity is very much at the forefront of our core values.




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