KBZ Shareholders have exited these companies

Investment Status and exit date
AirKBZ First phase of share transfer completed in Jan 2019 [DICA Page]. Full exit is in progress.
Myanmar Airways International Exit process began 2018 and full exit completed in August 2020. [DICA Page]
Nilar Yoma Gems Company Limited Operations ceased permanently in 2016, commenced liquidation in August 2019 for full exit. [DICA Page]
Jing Hpaw Aung Jade & Jewellry Company Limited Exit fully completed in March 2021. [DICA Page].
Strand Square
[former Kanbawza Office Complex]
Exit fully completed in May 2021. [DICA Page]
Brighter Energy Exited joint venture with execution pending expiration of lock-in period of Nov 2022.
Sun Apex Holdings Exited fully in July 2014.