Joint Statement from Chairman and Senior MD

Elle vise aussi à soigner, rééduquer, réinsérer. L'Assurance Maladie mène ainsi une véritable politique de gestion du risque. Nos valeursLa solidarité et cialis cialis pas cher l'égalité d'accès aux soins sont les valeurs fondatrices de l'Assurance Maladie.

A Joint Statement from the Chairman & the Senior Managing Director

“The last twelve months have proved to be another year of consolidation and further growth. In my last Chairman’s statement, I expressed my amazement at our extraordinary rate of growth over the last quarter of a century in a way I never envisaged. The KBZ Group of companies employ in excess of 80,000 excellent staff of which I am very proud.”

“We have been delighted to see further progress across the Group over the last twelve months which, to our great pleasure, included the opening of the 500th branch of KBZ Bank. Our network of branches extends to every State and Region across Myanmar. We firmly believe that the provision of widely accessible financial services will continue to play a major role in our country’s sustainable growth.”

“Our collective Group success has enabled us to become the country’s highest corporate tax payer for more than half a decade thereby contributing significantly to Government development projects including education, healthcare and infrastructure.”

“One of our drives over the last few years has been to push further for ever greater inclusivity within our KBZ Group. At KBZ we strongly believe in embracing diversity and fully believe the benefits to our organisation are greatly enhanced through a rich blend of staff from all backgrounds, thereby providing our companies with a wonderful melting pot of talent and ideas. We have paid particular attention towards providing access to workplaces and appropriate facilities for persons with disabilities to ensure all our staff and customers are treated with respect and dignity.”

“Key to our business philosophy is integrity and transparency. There are multiple policies and strategies we have implemented over the last few years to ensure our companies are acting to the best possible standards in terms of ethics and integrity. All companies within our Group and affiliates are expected to meet the standards outlined in our Code of Conduct. These encompass a comprehensive range of values and commitments which are listed on our website for all staff and members of the public to view.”

“We sincerely value our teams and we look to give them the opportunity to flourish through a conducive environment and excellent training and progression opportunities. Our training programmes stretch from the induction of new members of staff right to the Group Board. This is reflected by the staff training and retention figures outlined in our sustainability reporting and sets us apart from other Groups and companies in Myanmar.”

“Certain external factors have added extra challenges for some of our businesses over this last year. We need to continue to meet or exceed best international standards in all areas. This is fundamental to achieving our goals. There has been a slow down in terms of Foreign Direct Investment in Myanmar, although despite that, we are optimistic that FDI in our country will continue to grow and the benefits for society will help our country to thrive. While there will inevitably be further potholes in the road, we are committed to supporting our national development and all our stakeholders through our business and philanthropic activities. We support the Government’s efforts through its new Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan to bolster the country’s economy.”

“Our multiple stakeholders continue to play a vital role in our success and Sustainability as a Responsible Corporate Entity. There are stakeholder mapping and engagement processes in place in addition to risk management controls throughout our organisation. These ensure we are all working together in harmony. The Chairman and Senior Managing Director of the KBZ Group take responsibility to personally oversee these with the support of our Boards of Directors.”

“We are committed to meeting International norms and standards in all our business operations. We are signed up to the UN Global Compact, subscribe to the Global Reporting Initiative and actively engage with many other organisations such as Transparency International. The Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business (MCRB) has had a particularly strong influence on transparent business in Myanmar and we very much appreciate their advice and guidance. We also work closely with the Myanmar Government, international and national organisations as well as our local communities.”

“I am grateful to our Leadership teams for supporting the continued growth of KBZ Group and its companies. They play a vital role in determining our future success. I am truly fortunate to have so many people in the Group that share our vision, mission and core values with a commitment and enthusiasm to support KBZ and our country to excel.”

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