Group Strategy

KBZ Group’s Principles for Doing Business underpin our commitment to sustainable business practices. It sets out the behaviours against which we expect to be judged in pursuit of our vision to be the national, regional and the international success of all our companies, helping our customers, communities and people to prosper and grow. For KBZ Group, sustainability is just a different way of expressing what we have always done as a company – managing risk and opportunity in a way that best balances the long term needs of all our stakeholders – our customers, employees, investors and the community and environment at large. We aim to achieve that – by embedding sustainability throughout our business in the areas of: governance and ethics; customer practices; employee practices; care for the environment and community involvement. Our commitments are aligned with key global initiatives which promote responsible business practices, including the United Nations Global Compact.


Since the inception of MCRB’s Pwint Thit Sa initiative, KBZ Group of companies has greatly appreciated the input of the Myanmar Centre for Responsible Businesses (MCRB) Team’s advice to help us with our goal to meet highest international standards of business ethics and standards.

We appreciate this is a work in progress and the graph above represents the progress we have made and where we envisage being positioned on the scorecard over the next two years. This is an ongoing process into which we will continue to dedicate time and resources.



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