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Corporate Social Initiative

Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy

KBZ believes that CSR and philanthropy work hand in hand. Our interpretation of responsible business is that it engages all stakeholders with the goal of achieving mutual benefits for all or Creating Shared Value (CSV). We believe that demonstrating exemplary behaviour bymaximising the positive environmental and social impacts of our activities we will not only further enhance our licence to operate, but also set an example to others. KBZ adheres to all applicable laws, but also self-regulates, monitors and reports on activities.


Through Responsible business conduct and philanthropic activities, KBZ  strives to make a major contribution to the welfare and development of our nation.


Mission Statement

KBZ Group is committed to improving the socioeconomic status of Myanmar people which is both beneficial to our own success as well as that of stakeholders.

Our driveis to support poverty alleviationas we integrate inclusive non-discriminatory employment through:

  • Health Initiatives
  • Education enhancement
  • Women’s economic empowerment
  • Support for environmental conservation
  • Disaster reduction, relief and recovery

Non-Financial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • To increase our CSR and philanthropic expenditure by 5-10% on an annual basis
  • To assess and report on the impact and outcomes of all our projects and initiatives annually and put results on our Group website
  • To regularly engage with like-minded organisations to achieve our goals and report on such meetings within 2 weeks
  • To further strengthen and report on the implementation of mechanisms to ensure staff awareness of our CSR policies and philanthropic every six months


UN Global Compact

To the KBZ Group, Corporate Social Responsibility does not end with making philanthropic donations but it extends to providing essential services for our people, providing jobs, paying taxes, committing to anti-corruption, organisational transparency, human rights, healthcare, safety and the protection of the environment. KBZ has become a proud member of the United Nations Global Compact and incorporates its Ten Principles into the Group’s business operations and strategies. Our last UN Global Compact COP report is attached:




Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation

KBZ founded the award winning philanthropic foundation, Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation (BFMF), in 2008.


Board Members

  • U AungKo Win                                 Patron
  • Daw Nang Than Htwe                      Patron 
  • Daw Nang Lang Kham                     Chairperson
  • Daw Nang Kham Noung                  Vice Chair
  • DawKhaing Mar Htwe                     Assistant Director
  • DawThazinMaung                            Secretary
  • U Nay MyoAung                              Auditor
  • DawSandarTun                                 Treasurer
  • DawMyaSandar                                Member
  • DawKhinMyintWai                          Member
  • U KyawSwarMyint                          Member


KBZ Group has invested a total of Kyats 138 billion (approximately in the region of US$115 million) in charitable donations and social initiative projects during the ten-year period since the conception of the foundation in2008.  


Chairperson of KBZ Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation receives an award for the contributions and efforts in the development of Shan State


Health Initiatives 
KBZ Group as a logistic partner has been hosting FREE 8-Day Cleft Free Myanmar Initiatives in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Sport and the Smile Asia Medical CharityAlliance based in Singapore. In 2017, we held 3 missions in Yangon and Taungyi providing over 180 free operations to children with cleft palates. In 2018, we will host 3 more missions in Yangon, Taungyi and Mandalay. 


Disaster Relief and Recovery
Daw Nang Lang Kham, Co-Founder and Chairperson of KBZ Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation was reported as one of the leading women implementing the flood relief operations in Myanmar by Irrawaddy News on August 7th 2015. To date and still counting, KBZ Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation (BFM) has donated more than US$ 7.2 million to support communities seriously affected by the recent flooding of several states and divisions in Myanmar. 
BFM spearheaded the flood relief and recovery operations in collaboration with volunteers from KBZ Bank branches throughout the country. On the ground, co-founders of BFM, Daw Nang Lang Kham and Daw Nang Kham Noung worked side by side with the KBZ volunteers, local NGOs and INGOs to deliver relief aid and urgent medical care in a timely and effective way.   As soon as the flooding began on July 26th2015 in Magwe, Sagaing Division, KBZ employees cooked meals and delivered them to thousands of flood affected people at each shelter in the Region. 


KBZ Bank opened help centres in Yangon, Mandalay and Magwe to handle donation items and monetary contributions from KBZ to all the flood affected areas. These help centres were created not only to implement flood relief operations, but also to extend help to the well wishers who wanted to make their own personal or companycontributions.
KBZ made deliveries of aid on a daily basis. The aid came from both cities throughout the country and abroad.It was delivered to stricken areas by various means including a chartered MAI Airbus A320 and Air KBZ ATR 72-600s, which are owned and operated by KBZ Group of Companies. KBZ Bank also paid for MI 17 helicopters, Y8 trucks, cargo ships, boats, and twenty-two-wheeler trucks to deliver relief.
To scale up relief operations in hard-to-reach areas, BFM contributed monetary support ranging from Kyats 10 million (approximately US$850)  to Kyats 300 million (approximately US$25,500) to NGOs and INGOs on the ground depending on their size and capacity. 
As the flooding continued, it spread toRakhine State, the Regions of Sagaing, Pegu, Ayeyarwady and ultimately upper Myanmar and the  and the hilly regions of Chin State causing landslides. Toassist the process of recovery and therebuilding of communities, BFM is focusing its efforts on the two of the worst affected areas of flooding, KalayinSagaing Division and Hakhain Chin State.



Women’s Empowerment and Women’s Health

Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation provides computer training, business loans, analysis training and leadership skills at grass-roots levels. 

With its mission to uplift livelihoods in Myanmar, BFM has provided microfinance loans and financial literacy programs to 53,484 community members in 14 Townships in the regions of Yangon, Pegu, Mandalay,  Mon and Shan states. It has also issued loans to 4,200 businesses owned and run by women in the regions of Kalaw and Pintaya.  

Typically in the first year, KBZ offers an average loan of Kyats 100,000  to the beneficiaries of the program (approximately US$90). After a successful first 6 month repayment period, BFM will offer an additional Kyats 50,000.00 loan (approximately US$45). Once the loan has been successfully repaid after the first twelve months, the size of the loanfor year 2 increases to Kyats 200,000 (approximately US$ 180). BFM also plans to increase the loan size to Kyats 500,000.00 (approximately US$ 450) for our third-year microfinance customers depending on their business size. 


Shared Value Project with ActionAid
Women living in rural areas of Myanmar often make a living by producing traditional crafts that are sold in local markets. By providing the women in these rural areas with microfinance loans and vocational trainings, they are able to expand their business; generate additional income and the skills to become self-sufficient.
The majority of the members of KBZ Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation’s  microfinance program in Hlegu and Tike Kyi are broom producers whose livelihood businesses utilize resources available in their villages.
BFM is proud to support these women entrepreneurs with vocational trainings to redesign and repackage the Myanmar traditional brooms in conjunction with the livelihood development program of ActionAid at Mboutik in NyaungOo. This improves the quality of the finished product leading to a better return on sales and ultimately a better business.
Colorful cotton bags that accompany the brooms were weaved in central Myanmar and sewn by the women artisans in the dried zone areas. 



Women’s Week Opening Forum – ‘ Creating Inclusive Growth’ organized by KBZ Group
“Business cannot flourish in a country devoid of peace. The business that we’re supporting is inclusive of all people, not for any particular individual, corporation or organization,” the State Counselor said in her opening address at the Women’s Week Forum recently in Nay Pyi Taw.
To mark the launch of the first ever Women’s Week Myanmar from the 6th-12th March 2017, KBZ Group and the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement hosted the Women’s Empowerment Forum in Naypyitaw - a platform to share best practices for Women’s Empowerment strategies in the workplace and in communities. The aim was to inform, discuss and strategise the best approaches to delivering the fifth goal of the UN Sustainable Development Goals- Gender Equality. 
The Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement is leading the campaign towards Gender Equality in Myanmar, in alignment with CEDAW, the international treaty signed by the Myanmar Government in 1977 to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women. With their support, the forum attracted over 200 key business leaders across Myanmar to attend the forum to help us create a unified pledge against gender discrimination. 
UNGC, UMFCCI, Myanmar National Committee for Women’s Affairs (MNCWA), the Gender Equality Network (GEN), UN Women, ActionAid, Model ASEAN students and social enterprises such as Yangon Bakehouse and Akhaya Women participated in the forum as technical partners. The Forum, was the first place where we were handed out our KBZ safety alarms, which have both a manual whistle and alarm siren. Carrying these devices women can feel an increased sense of confidence and reassurance when feeling under threat. 
Youth Development and Education Enhancement
Partnered with an ASEAN Foundation based in Jarkarta, Indonesia, KBZ Bank has supported Myanmar University students to attend Model ASEANmeetings every year since 2016. KBZ has providedsupport through financial contributions for their travel costs and other expenses.
Students are provided with mentoring by the Head of KBZ CSR Department.16 students from the Institute of Medicine I, University of Yangon, the YangonTechnological University, Northern Yangon University, ThanlyinUniversity, Dagon University and Taunggyi University have attend Model ASEANMeetings in both Laos and the Philippines.
KBZ Group CSR Department has been collaborating with the Model ASEAN students to implement various forums and social initiatives such as the Women's Forum in 2017 March and the 8th International Friendship Mission for Children with Cleft Palates.

Water Supply Projects

“A gift more precious and rare than gold”

He ThamePadamya Hill Monk AshinOo Kaw Winda

The Water Project is a personal mission of U AungKo Win, the Chairman of the KBZ Group and honorary chairman of KBZ Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation.
His goal is to improve the living standards and help eradicate poverty in the underdeveloped areas of the Southern Shan State where he grew up.Having invested Kyats 8 billion in investments from KBZ Group and BFM are spearheading the Water Project in Southern Shan State.
During the summers of 2013-2014, residents in the regions of the Southern Shan State suffered from severe drought.They were entirely relying on rainwater or water from ponds as far as a twohour walk from their homes for both domestic and agricultural use.
The drought was a huge threat to the livelihoods of this crop-producing state and to the nation. The agricultural sector in Myanmar accounts for 60 percent of the country’s GDP. The majority of the crops such as onions, pulses, tealeaves, fruits and other vegetables for both domestic consumption and export originate from the Southern Shan State. 
Before the launch of the water project in March 2014, KBZ through BFM donated 5,000 gallons of drinking water every day to the drought-affected areas. Despite our effort, each household received only five gallons of water a day. These shortages ignited a strong desire in the hearts of the KBZ family to commence the ‘Water Project’in the hope of making water accessible and sustainable for everyone for generations to come.
The Water Project is operating throughout the country via three methods:
- drilling tube wells
- reconstructing lakes
- distributing water by water bowsers in remote areas
Despite problematic geophysical conditions, the Water Supply Project is now successfully operating in the neighbourhoods of Kalaw, Bawsine, Heho, Pindaya, Taungyi, Hopone and Nansan City through BFM water distribution and management systems such as water pumps, water taps, water tanks and tube wells. Clean drinking water is now easily and widely available at schools, hospitals, monasteries, and communal bathing areas and in front of numerous houses. 
The Water Project is on-going and will continue until there is no shortage of potable water, water fit for sanitation purposes and water for agricultural use.

Impact Index as of Feb 2018


In addition to 6 drilling machines borrowed from the Water Resources Utilization Department (WRUD), KBZ Bank has purchased a new drilling machine from the UK in an effort to achieve even more positive outcomes.Drilling tube wells in Shan State is extremely challenging as water sources are hidden under layers of impenetrable lines of rocks, limestone, silt, clay, minerals and caves. Finding sources depends the use of expertise and high quality equipment.


Lake Repairs
In order to optimise the water distribution project and to alleviate the overdue need for water in NyaungOo District, Mandalay Division, BFM is repairing Ma GyeeShweGuu Lake. After completion, the lake will be able to store 14 million gallons of water and supply water to 5 villages near by. BFM has already repaired 5 lakes and 2 dams in total. 
Water Distribution
The drought season came early to Myanmar in 2016. Prompted by the high demands for water in Central Myanmar, KBZ Group via BFM distributes drinking water via 43 brand new water bowsers throughout the drought affected areas. Each water bowser has the capacity of carrying up to 3000 gallons of water sufficient to supply approximately for 300 households. KBZ Group staff monitor the logistics and distribution plans for the bowsers in their respectiveproject areas. 
Qualitative Observation
KBZ’s CSR initiatives are formulated with achievable objectives in mind to support communities and other stakeholders on a long-term basis. The impact of the Water Project can be evaluated quantitatively but it will not do justice to the people's improved living conditions brought about by the project.An example would be a student in Bawsinewho can now spend many more hours studying each day, because he or she can easily fetch water from a nearby KBZ water tap.This saves makingup to a two-hour one way trip to collect water from the nearest pond. According to a health worker, women used to suffer from urinary tract infections because of the dirty water they were using and they did not have clean water to shower after giving birth. This Water Project is continually eliminating these preventable diseases throughout Southern Shan State. 
The regional people in the Southern Shan State praised the Water Project and commended it as “More Precious and Rare than Gold”.

Recognitions and Awards

KBZ Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation received the Euromoney Achievement Award for CSR 2015 for its life-changing Water Project and its broader commitments.


Daw Nang Lang Kham, Co-Founder and Chairperson of Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation receives the Presidential State Excellence Award for FY 2013-2014 conferred by the President of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, U TheinSein, for the Best Philanthropic Organisation in Myanmar, which contributed the largest charitable donations to the development of the people and society in the country.



Yu WaiMaung

Head of CSR Department

Yu WaiMaung is the Head of CSR at KBZ. She is responsible for employee and stakeholder engagement, reputation management, shared value projects and corporate donations. She is developing a Group wide approach for inclusive employment, environment and wildlife conservation. She is also responsible for disaster risk reduction campaigns and emergency response protocols.

For more information contact: yuwai.maung@kbzbank.com






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